We are The Poltava Volunteer Association, a union of non-governmental organisations from Poltava, Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion on February 24, 2022, we have created a non-formal association to counter aggression through the support of refugees in Poltava and other affected areas.

Another part of our mission is to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces because the better equipped our army is right now, the fewer civilian casualties there will be.

Our defenders desperately need tactical equipment, and with your help, this site may prove a valuable tool in defeating hordes of Russian invaders.

  1. Choose equipment from the list on our site.
  2. Find it in stores or online.
  3. Buy it and send it to our warehouse.
  4. Send us the tracking number and a list of equipment in the package.

This site has description of the equipment, which has already been tested by defenders on the front lines and has proven its effectiveness.

We also listed makes and models for certain kinds of equipment.

Even one item of protective gear or 1 dollar/euro donation from you can save lives and protect of our defenders.

It is preferable to purchase some equipment in sets. For example, bulletproof vests or plate carriers need ballistic plates for them to work.

Of course, the best option is when you buy equipment because it is more difficult to do it from Ukraine.

Still, we will be grateful for any help, including financial. You may donate. funds to our charity account, and we will use them either to buy necessary equipment or pay for logistic services to deliver it.

Your funds will be spent either for the purchase of tactical equipment or for transportation services for its delivery to the destination from a warehouse in Przemyśl, Poland.

If your company wants to help the Ukrainian defenders, it can be done on general terms. You can also get in touch with our representative through the Contact us section to discuss other possible ways to work together. Charitable participation by your company can be anonymous or covered on our site at your choice.

In a personal message, we’ll send a photo of Ukrainian defenders with the equipment, which he will receive from you.